A new Coastliner is coming


We've invested £2.34million to bring you ten of the best buses that money can buy for Coastliner - and they're starting to roll out into service as we speak!

These incredible 10 new buses are the biggest single investment we've ever made in Coastliner. They feature a designer interior with bags of luggage room, power zones set around tables upstairs, superfast free 4G WiFi and audio-visual next-stop announcements on board. Our innovative 'time to depart' feature will also let you know exactly when your bus is due to leave at bus stations.

Coastliner is perfect for sitting back and relaxing with your phone, tablet or laptop, so your new buses also feature a whole range of options for keeping you juiced up. There's USB power at every seat, and in a first for Yorkshire, you'll also have a choice of wireless charging and standard 13amp sockets. And if you prefer to stay offline, you can chill out and enjoy the view from the top deck in our bespoke, comfy leather-trimmed coach seats.

Each bus also carries a bespoke design to celebrate everything that we love about #CoastlinerCountry – look out for them all as they begin to hit the road!

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