One very special Coastliner bus is about to be revealed...


Back in December, we asked you, the lovely people of Tadcaster to submit your ideas to name one of our amazing new buses for Coastliner.

We know there are many unsung heroes from the winter floods of December 2015 which brought down Tadcaster's historic bridge. People who helped others clear out their homes and businesses. People who devoted their waking moments to raising funds for the town's recovery. And people who, without a second thought for their own safety, helped to rescue people stranded by the floodwaters on that fateful day which took down the town's vital bridge.

So, we wanted to offer you the chance to name one of our buses after your Tadcaster Hero.

And what a response we had! Hundreds of nominations were received through our nomination form, on Facebook and on Twitter. Our judging panel were overwhelmed by the response to our poll.

A special family fun day will mark the reopening of the bridge in Tadcaster this Sunday, 19 February - and at 2.30pm, we'll be unveiling the name you have chosen for this very special named bus.

And, just in case you haven't heard yet - our new buses for #CoastlinerCountry are bringing you all sorts of wonderful new features, including free WiFi, USB, wireless and plug socket power, tables, spacious coach-style seats and glazed ceilings for those beautiful sunny days. In fact, our new buses for Coastliner are so amazing that we were invited to become the first ever vehicle to cross the newly re-opened bridge in Tadcaster earlier in February!

So, please join us on Sunday as we reveal the name you have chosen for your new Coastliner bus. We'll let you into a little secret - it's not 'Bridgey McBridge-face'!

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